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Clothes drier love!

I tell my husband that if I had to choose between him and the clothes drier, it might be a hard choice. I love being able to throw a load of washing in the drier at the end of the evening and wake up with the kids school uniforms clean and dry. Keeping my drier running helps keep me sane, especially in a wet winter. If you also love your drier and want to keep it running as long as possible, and as efficiently as possible, then read on to know about how to service and look after your clothes drier.

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Discover The Different Types Of Attic Ladders Available

If your house features an attic, you can easily make use of that space by installing an attic ladder. An attic ladder will provide you with fast and safe entry or exit from the attic. You can then use your attic for various applications such as: a spare bedroom, a private office, a library, a play room, a gym or a storage area, among other choices. However, the first step towards reclaiming your attic is creating access, and you can do so using the following ladder types.

Sliding attic ladders

Sliding attic ladders often consist of one or two ladder pieces, with one laying on top of the other. When you open the attic access door, you have to pull out the ladders and complete the connection from the ground to the access hatch. Unlike other ladders, sliding ladders will require a bit of space inside the attic to retract into. If you choose a single piece attic ladder, you will need enough space for the entire length to fit inside the attic.

Folding attic ladders

Like the name suggests, this ladder functions by folding up when closing or unfolding when opening. As a result, it contains three or four sections connected via hinges. When you open your attic access, you then have to unfold the ladder and stretch it out. It will lock into place and you can start to use it. Note that unlike sliding ladders that need space above the attic, folding ladders need a bit of space below the attic access for you to spread them out.

Telescoping attic ladders

Telescopic ladders are fun to use. They can either feature a wavy scissor design or a zigzag scissor design. In most cases, they are made of metal, usually aluminum or steel. They interlock when closed to form a small and compact structure. When fully retracted, they take up the least space compared to all attic ladders. They also need minimum effort to open or close thanks to a spring function mechanism.

Fixed attic ladders

You can also choose to have a fixed ladder that cannot be moved about from its position. Fixed ladders are the safest as they feature a rigid and wide support base. However, they take up a lot of space and therefore limit the use of the room below the attic. They are ideal where the attic is heavily used. In such an application, one won't have to keep opening or closing the ladder whenever they want to enter or exit the attic. Access will be free 24/7.

Talk to an attic ladder manufacturer or supplier like Direct Skylight Supplies to get a custom ladder built to your specifications. You can then have it installed in your attic or you can make that a DIY project.