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I tell my husband that if I had to choose between him and the clothes drier, it might be a hard choice. I love being able to throw a load of washing in the drier at the end of the evening and wake up with the kids school uniforms clean and dry. Keeping my drier running helps keep me sane, especially in a wet winter. If you also love your drier and want to keep it running as long as possible, and as efficiently as possible, then read on to know about how to service and look after your clothes drier.

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3 Ways to Prevent Commercial Appliance Fires

Commercial fires are still very common, particularly with businesses in the restaurant industry where there are a lot of appliances and heavy-duty electrical equipment. For many of these businesses, there were preventative measures that they may not have been aware of that could have saved them thousands of dollars in damages.

Here are three ways you can ensure the safety of your business by doing simple maintenance checks and potentially replacing dangerous fire-friendly items in your kitchen:

1. Register Appliances & Check for Recalls

Some business owners forget to make sure that they've registered their appliances after purchase. Doing this puts you at risk of not being notified should your appliance model be recalled for any reason. One of the first things you should do is register your appliance with the manufacturer, and also be sure to regularly check online to see if any of your appliances has been recalled without you receiving notice.

2. Essentials: Fire Extinguisher & Smoke Detector

You're likely to have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher installed if you follow proper regulation codes for owning a commercial business. However, when was the last time you checked to make sure they were functioning properly? Also, make sure you smoke detector is on and it's batteries are charged. For fire extinguishers, don't get too crazy but it's beneficial to sometimes test that it's working properly behind your business or in your parking lot when you're closed. You'll want to make sure that should a fire ever occur, you're prepared for the worst.

3. Inspect Electrical Wiring & Units

If your business is located in an older building, it's very possible that your electric wiring is older as well. A single power surge has been known to set an appliance on fire, so you'll want to take preventable measures that could be as simple as installing a circuit interrupter. Circuit interrupters detect when there are dangerous surges in your wiring. This may cause you an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, but it could save you thousands if a fire were potential to occur.

Also, with power and extension cords, never use a cord that is showing signs of wear and tear. If wiring is exposed or it's not functioning properly, replace it immediately. Do not overload your cords at any point, this can cause the cord to spark and possibly ignite if a source of fuel is around. In kitchens, common sources could be gas lines, chemicals, paper, or even curtain dividers.

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