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I tell my husband that if I had to choose between him and the clothes drier, it might be a hard choice. I love being able to throw a load of washing in the drier at the end of the evening and wake up with the kids school uniforms clean and dry. Keeping my drier running helps keep me sane, especially in a wet winter. If you also love your drier and want to keep it running as long as possible, and as efficiently as possible, then read on to know about how to service and look after your clothes drier.

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The Key Benefits of a Variable Speed AC System

One of the things that make air conditioning systems energy efficient is their ability to adjust the capacity at which they are operating based on the demand for air conditioning. One of the most energy efficient ACs has a continuous/variable speed modulation. This article discusses how such a system would be beneficial in your home.

Lower Energy Consumption

Many ACs have two-stage speed modulation. For instance, they can operate at full capacity, and they can also operate at about half capacity. The AC system chooses at which capacity to operate based on the ambient conditions in your home. For instance, it will operate at full capacity if it is a hot summer day. Variable speed systems have a wider selection of operating capacity ranges to choose from. This makes them more energy efficient since they are not restricted to only two operating capacity ranges. For instance, some manufacturers make units that may operate at three-quarter capacity on days of high system demand. Thus, the broader range of operation creates more opportunity for you to save on the energy used by the system.

Better Humidity Control

Moisture is removed as air moves over a condensing unit in an AC. Fixed run systems (ACs that operate at only one speed) may not be very good at removing humidity from air. This is because the air may be flowing through the system at a high speed. Variable speed system can slow down so much that air moves very slowly over the condenser. This makes it possible for a more efficient humidity removal to occur before the air reaches your living space (such as your bedroom).

More Even Conditioning

Variable speed AC systems circulate air many more times compared to fixed speed units. This is because the high speed of fixed run systems pushes air through the system quickly and then stops once the set temperature has been reached. Variable speed systems move the air more slowly. Thus, they are better able to re-circulate air more times before stopping. This frequent circulation removes any variations (such as hot spots) within the space being conditioned. In this way, all the rooms within your home will be cooled or heated evenly if the system is a variable speed air conditioning system.

Ask your air conditioning technician to tell you whether your system is a fixed speed system. If it is, upgrade to a variable speed system so that you spend less on energy while getting better comfort from that unit. That professional will advise you on how that upgrade can be achieved. For instance, he or she may recommend that you replace system components (such as the condenser unit) instead of overhauling the entire system.